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Ground Breaking Technology

HydroStar Technology

The Energy Trilemma

‘The World Energy Council’s definition of energy sustainability is based on three core dimensions: Energy Security, Energy Equity, and Environmental Sustainability of Energy Systems. Balancing these three goals constitutes a ‘Trilemma’ and balanced systems enable prosperity and competitiveness of individual countries.’

The HydroStar Solution provides a system with unparalleled performance, reflecting balance and robustness in the three Trilemma dimensions.

HydroSol 50kW


Designed and built for energy efficiency, simplicity of maintenance and    robustness the HydroSol 50 kilowatt unit produces a maximum of 5Kg of 98% pure Hydrogen (H2) per day and is fully Solar Farm compatible.
Solar and Hydrogen in Synergy
A 100% home-grown Australian product; labour, materials and all components, the HydroSol connects easily to Solar Power outputs of any capacity using a purpose built modular system of 1 Megawatt pods, producing up to 100 Kg of 98% pure H2 per day.

Scalable Power

The nature of the modular system allows us to link 1MW pods in multiples up to 100MW to suit any clients requirements.  Each pod is ‘connect and go’ ready, allowing for immediate onsite production of Hydrogen and since each pod stands as an independent entity we can provide uninterrupted production of H2, even during maintenance periods.  It is that kind of total flexibility that makes us even more market unique!



The Hydrodrive reduces emissions by improving the combustion process, by improving the combustion process there are efficiency benefits usually seen as improved KMPL

Smart-H’s market-ready Energy Cell the “HydroDrive™” sits onboard the vehicle and augments the air supply to the engine with minute amounts of H2, substantially reducing poisonous exhaust emissions and providing improved MPG.

Our inspiration came from NASA (the USA Space Agency), the largest user of liquid Hydrogen in the world, which indicated that, “the use of Hydrogen augmentation for gasoline fuel was now scientifically proven as advantageous.”

We looked carefully at this unexploited technology and decided that the two benefits (fuel savings and reduced emissions) were something that would greatly benefit the world.

Product development has gone through many steps to get to where we are today.

Taking 6 years in product development, transitioning from laboratory tests to V1 prototype, followed by on-board testing in the USA, Australia and China, culminating in an end product that  installs easily onto any diesel truck, bus or plant vehicle in under an hour.

Now in 2020 it could be called ‘Pure Genius’ – a robust, ergonomic, stylish and rigorously proven unit, with no moving parts, simplistic in its operation, low maintenance, low cost and above all efficient.

The HydroDrive™ Energy Cell’s body is made from 70% recycled materials and run on 100% Green-Chem (B9), producing a constant rate of Hydrogen at super low power.


Electrolyte B9

Advanced Technology Electrolyte – the electrolyte has been indevelopment and research for the last 10 years and has numerous patents pending. This technology is at a substantial cost difference to the dangerous KOH that is used in some other types of hydrogen manufacturing. Early results have shown that this electrolyte can be used as a straight replacement for KOH. This would reduce their OPEX and increase the benefits to the environment simultaneously.

Benign and FDA approved –  not only does this product have advanced ways to split H2O it is perfectly safe to touch and food grade product, also is Benign hence the naming of the liquid. This will ensure that the safety of workers, installers and the end users are kept in mind during the whole process. Also will ensure road / sea transport will not become a business liability in the future as product is non-flammable.

Recyclable and Reusable – as with any conduit products do have a life cycle, B9 has been specifically manufactured to enable retrieval of the liquid and we have a process for recycling the B9 into brand new effective electrolyte. For optimal efficiencies it is desired that this liquid be cycled on a 12-24 month period to maintain the same H2 production. We are also researching the third generation of the B9 liquid to increase the efficiency of separation and the duty cycle before degradation occurs

Replacement KOH Substitute – KOH / potassium Hydroxide or Caustic Potash is used in a wide range of leading edge hydrogen production facilities, not only does it have environmental effects it can also be quite costly as it will also need pure de-ionized water.  

Real World Success – not only has this product received third party testing from two international universities it is also undergoing second phase testing with the Department of Energy in USA for Hydrogen generation in Portland, Oregon undertaken by HydroStar, which has been producing green H2 onsite