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Energy Without Boundaries

HydroStar Projects and Trials

2020 – 21

HydroStar Victoria

MOU Execution:

Executed MOU for the supply of 1MW HydroPod – To supply H2 for a waste to energy trial supplementing existing gas supply – Delivery 1st Q 2021.

HydroStar Canberra


Standing order for the supply of 500kW HydroPod – Used as H2 refuelling station during hydrogen commercial vehicle trial – Immediate delivery.


Onboard installation of 40 HydroDrive units at The Elvin Group, Canberra. Installed on fully operational ‘Kenworth’ cement trucks in order to reduce Carbon emissions and improve MPG – initial reconnaissance/scope completed March 2020 – COVID-interrupted at present – installations to progress once restrictions have been removed.