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Solar Power’s Missing Link

HydroStar Market Analysis

HydroStar Australian Focus

  • Australia National Hydrogen Strategy: It has been made clear that the Australian government has an agenda that aligns with the pursuit of Hydrogen.
  • There would also be a state specific roadmap to establish a Hydrogen economy on varying different scales The Council of Australian

Governments (COAG) Energy council has committed to a vision of making Australia a major player in the global hydrogen industry by 2030.

  • Australia has a large appetite for Hydrogen and by products like Ammonia, for our core existing industries including steel manufacturing, agriculture, farming and food.
  • Current mechanisms are already being developed to implant the necessary infrastructure for an export industry specifically aimed at Hydrogen
  • Australia has an opportunity to carve out a new manufacturing industry using locally sourced raw materials and workmanship. This will also create potential of exporting manufacturing industry and upskilling workforce.

Australia had a similar opportunity with the Solar panel PV Manufacturing industry in November 2000, unfortunately China Capitalised on government opportunity and Australian Technology and are now the undisputed leaders in PV manufacturing.


  • China / Asian Economy will be driving the future demand for exported and generated Hydrogen. Which will open market opportunity for growth and development for additional products requiring H2 molecules
  • Given past strong trade relations and ability for potential change, Australia should be able to capture it’s fair share of this driving market.
  • Currently very few countries have the ability or location for Hydrogen export. The united states currently exporting $2,200 million USD of Hydrogen. Australia is currently exporting $130 million USD
  • Numerous reports created for the Australian government has highlighted the support from industry and government bodies for developing a hydrogen industry is burgeoning.
  • Whilst all Australian states, territories and government bodies agree that hydrogen represents opportunities for Australia to become a hydrogen producer for use domestically and to export


HydroStar Market Approach

Australian Made

01 Outer Vessel
The outer unit will be sourced and manufactured locally using HPE and High Pressure PVC. It will comply with Australian standards and pressure ratings whilst using advanced techniques in welding and manufacturing.

02 The Electrolyser
The Electrolyser will feature locally sourced raw materials for fabrication and will be manufactured and assembled at our factory/laboratory site.

Our construction methodology and process will ensure capabilities for fast ramp up for keeping up with potential demand from the marketplace both domestic and international.

Materials selected will be an advantage for high duty cycle life to ensure maximum efficiency for the product and consumer.

03 Electrolyte B9
One of the most crucial aspects of our ability to split hydrogen comes from our advanced electrolyte that is food grade and benign in nature. This is chemical safe for touching and conforms to all regulatory requirements inc FDA

This key element has a high duty cycle and has been proven by not only third parties but is in current long term ‘trial’ with Department of Energy (DOE) in United states of America. This trial is with Hydrostar USA and focusing on small installations.

04 Complete unit
All parts of this unit form the HydroStar Electroylser  which is licensed by us for manufacturing and agreements through Asia / Oceania and other locations exclusively.

These units can be scaled up from the initial 25kw up to multi MW installations depending on the requirement and need of the individual client.