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Putting the Green into Energy

Invest In HydroStar Asia -Pacific

HydroStar | Investment

  • With the committed vision of COAG and the international focus on Hydrogen, it has been acknowledged in numerous reports that Australia has the potential to be a major market leader in Hydrogen by 2030, thus creating a new major export industry for our economy
  • For this to be expedite their will need to be support from industry, government and stake holders to ensure the region harnessing the Hydrogen economy can excel. These will have flow on effects through shipping ports, land transportation, upskilling labour and increased services
  • Hydrostar would be seeking commitment and funding from a state for us to setup a permanent manufacturing facility for the production of Hydrogen Electroysis which will be used for the Australian domestic market across all sectors. This will also result in sourcing local region products and raw materials and local employment.
  • Hydrostar would also commit to working with the local/state government body for national PR events, international coverage and ongoing working partners for the benefit of the region. This technology will have working units in Q1 2020 and will have the ability of early PR release and ongoing releases
  • Our economy in the past has unfortunately lost many opportunities in relation to manufacturing and new technologies that have drifted off shore. We have a proven product within a sector that is on the verge of becoming a major energy sector.