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Low-Cost High-Volume H2

HydroStar Applications

With a system that is so flexible the applications are almost unlimited, from large to small projects, remote or inner city locations, all are doable with HydroStar’s HydroSol Modular System.

Agricultural Uses

Supplying Hydrogen for aquaculture, gas replacement for turbines, Ammonia production, Fabrication, heating, energy storage and energy exchange, fuel for H2 fuel cell equipment.

Commercial Industry

Supplying Hydrogen into food manufacturing processes, steel manufacturing, Methanol production, glass manufacturing, binding of chemicals and pharmaceuticals, backup power sources for remote areas or disaster zone relief.

Residential Supply

Although this area is currently in its infancy, we believe it will be a major future industry for growth for Personal fuel supply, e.g. H2 Fuel cell vehicles, H2 Gas appliances and central heating and storage of excess PV to H2 storage.

HydroStar Business Model

Cost has always been a primary consideration for any business decision, but during these worrying times it is now vital to find the most cost-effective-solutuion.

Here at HydroStar we have developed a technology that enables companies and Governments to tap into low-cost Hydrogen, without sacrificing any of the facets of the ‘Energy Trilemma’ and when we say low-cost we mean 50% lower than market price.  Project size does not have an influence on the end cost, whether 50kW or 100MW it is immaterial.  With that kind of pricing structure the business model becomes a ‘no-brainer’.

Our Business Model is simplistic, take Solar Power, connect to the HydroSol, produce low-cost Hydrogen for use in a downstream technology, reducing their production costs by 50%.


Affordable Solutions

HydroStar have been working hard to create viable Hydrogen Solutions. We now have both solutions and partners, who can assist in creating a full turnkey project, E.G. Solar to Green Hydrogen, Hydrogen to Green Ammonia.

For us no project is beyond us, but an ideal one for HydroStar is when a client already has a use for Green Hydrogen, for example, replacement of on site delivered LPG with Hydrogen on demand. 

The cost to client of projects like the above is based on usage, therefore affordable, and usually takes the form of a leasing contract.