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A Breakthrough In Energy Storage
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Energy for life
Environmentally Sound Solutions
Green Reliability
Low Cost • High Volume H2
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Sensible Energy
Efficient • Affordable • Sustainable
HydroStar Asia-Pacific


Energy for Life

HydroStar Asia-Pacific have developed a technology that enables Companies and Governments to tap into low-cost Hydrogen, without sacrificing any of the facets of the ‘Energy Trilemma and when we say low-cost we mean 25% lower than market price.

Developed specifically to couple to renewable sources, the HydroSolTM  can be integrated seamlessly as a stand alone 50kW unit or in 1MW stackable pods, scalable to 100MW and above.

​Producing a higher flow per hour than any comparable unit and producing 98% pure Hydrogen (membraneless).

HydroStar Asia-Pacific, bringing us closer to $2 (USD) per Kilo. That’s ENERGY FOR LIFE!

Global momentum is growing across the hydrogen industry, with few sectors likely to remain untouched by this energy revolution.
In Australia, the transition to a decarbonized energy system is underway and will require Hydrogen on a large scale.

A team with a comprehensive range of skills in both Hydrogen production technology and business acumen.

The HydroStar Pod system is so flexible the applications are almost unlimited, from large to small projects, remote or inner city locations, all are achievable.

HydroStar Advantages


As a manufacturer of technology for the sustainable energy market, HydroStar is committed to the well being of the planet. HydroStar products not only help reduce the impact of fuel emissions on the environment but also benefit many ancillary and associated industries.

Support * Opportunities * Value

HydroStar Products
Reduce import requirements of skills, manufacturing resources and outputs.
HydroStar Products
Support local adoption of Hydrogen Fuel Cell (HFCV) and Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) fleets


HydroStar Products
Enable low cost export of Hydrogen and derivative products, supporting export market growth and competitiveness.
HydroStar Products
Support other local H2 related product manufactures for product development and testing.

Star Products
Support technology for local fertiliser production reducing reliance on off-site supply chains and currency fluctuations.
HydroStar Products
Are a potential large consumer of locally recycled plastics.



HydroStar Products
Are a robust technology suitable for less controlled environments such as offshore generation and remote site generation.
HydroStar Products
Create long-term skilled jobs, both direct and indirect.

HydroStar Opportunities

We’re building an inclusive culture here at HydroStar and for us, making sure we have the right level of diversity and inclusion in our industry is going to be more and more important.

HydroStar Advisory Board

A Knowledge Bank of esteemed colleagues and associates drawn together to strengthen the core Team

HydroStar Investment

In 2019 over $6M raised to assist in the development of the Australian market. An ongoing success! Now to be repeated in the EU.

Green To The Core


As an Environmental Company, HydroStar realizes that we have a responsibility to be a friend to the Earth and the people who populate it.

Greener than green, this product has no harmful effects either in mixing, usage, blending or disposal.

Tested, built and designed to easily connect to Solar Power outputs of any capacity.

Hydrostar’s modular system allows us to link 1 Megawatt HydroPods in multiples up to 100 Megawatts and up.